2018 OG Draft Rd 18 The Final Round

Round 18 Final scores:

You, Me and Dan du Preez 531 Defeats 512 Wylie’s Wabbeleys
Hip Hip 2.0 437 Defeats 396 Show me the Ioane 
Moves Like Jager 611 Defeats 421 Inficiting PTSD
Most Hope 610 Defeats 533 Krem de la Krem

How it Happened!

Once again I can’t do a full round review so i’ll stick to the competition ladder.

This week in the battle for last place Nelson played Wylie. Despite posting the 4th best score and taking the win, a double BP loss to Wylie means Nelson will take out last placed from our rounds, needless to say, he will be cheering he dodged the comedy bullet for now.

Pags played Cargie this week in what could only be described as an exhibition match, Cargie went all out tinkering with his lineup, picking a 3rd Ioane! But it didn’t pay off, with him posting the only sub 400 score of the week. The big question is, are Cargie’s fobalicious drafting tactics showing their cracks just in time for the finals?

Harry played Blake in what will now be a 3 week battle. Harry took the chocolates to lock in 2nd place this week, but with a 2 week semi final to come, and both players having played finals incredibly consistently, the games will now well and truly begin.

Nabung and Larry had the first knockout match up of the year this week, the winner would seal a finals berth, while the loser would be in the running for the Spoon. Appropriately Last placed Harry, or “Larry” for short, wasn’t able to get it done. He will now be creating the wooden spoon trophy, a project that could well distract him over the next few weeks so that he keeps it all to himself. Nabung on the other hand, takes out 4th place to reignite the rivlary between he and Cargie. I’m not sure if these two want to beat each other, or win the Draft more!

Extra Facts:

Best Player: Michael Little 92pts (Larry)
Worst Player: Nic Groom 4pts (Nabung)
The best Supersub: Reece Hodge 76pts (Nabung)
The worst Supersub: Ruan Dreyer 17pts (Pags)
Worst Coaching Decision (player left on the bench): Cargie played Laumape 5pts, instead of Tevita Kuridrani on 69pts! The minor premier is on tilt!

The Final Table!

The Semi Finals

(1) Show me the Ioane V Most Hope (4)
(2) Moves Like Jager V Inflicting PTSD (3)

The Wooden Spoon Playoff:

(5) Krem de la Krem’s V You, Me and Dan du Preez (8)
(6) Hip Hip 2.0 V Wylie’s Wabbeleys Coyote (7)

The Draft order will NOT be a snake draft like at the start of the season. For example it will run as:
Cargie, Harry, Blake, Nabung, Cargie, Harry, Blake, Nabung etc..
The same will apply for the battle of the losers.

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