2018 OG Draft Rd 4 Results

Final Scores Round 4

(6) Wylie’s Wabbeleys 490 Defeats 410 Get Ofa (8)
(2) Show me the Ioane 507 Defeats 463 Inagaki is Haviling an Oriet game! (7)
(1) Hip Hip Marais! 495 Defeats 479 Moves Like Jager (3)
(4) Siya Later 555 Defeats 480 Most Hope (5)

How it Happened!

First up Nelson Henry Dale took on James Wylie In what was meant to be his comeback to the winners circle, instead he posted the worse score, more than 50pts worse than any other player! Wylie got the job done with his 2nd pick Kerevi scoring 77pts, well supported by Speight (59pt) and Smith’s best game (49pts) since he lost his blue balls. Ramone Samuels also seems to keep finding ways to score with a rock solid 49pts. Nelson’s big guns refuse to go big, Mostert only bringing in 20pts on the flank, while Tamanivalu scored 10 and Leyds 29. Jordie Barrett however did finally show up with a respectable 43pts after nelson spent the week bad mouthing him. His points came from Jantjies 58pts anddd thats about it. He takes home an attacking BP none the less.

Next we had the biggest mismatch of the round, David Carr-Gregg‘s undefeated FOBs took on Alex Pagonis‘ winless gumbies that can’t even settle on a name, let alone get themselves into form. Crags scored his points from the expected: Reiko 70pts & Ioane 67pts, as well as Creevy 69pts and the unexpected Whitelock 65pts (which was surely the pickup of the round). He does still have questions at halfback (Hall 2pts) and in his outside backs as well. Pags’ side was carried by a return to form from Izzy 86pts (top score) and SBW (65pts), but he also took home pts from new man Boffeli (52pts) who seems to be as consistent as the unwanted Tuculet (57pts) & Ricciteli 44pts.

Our 3rd game was a tighter match as Blake Palmer took the BP win over Harrison Dale after trailing on the prelims. Huge scores from the Hulk, Esterheizen (70pts), Nanai 53pts, and Marx 50pts. The biggest point of difference though was in his backrow where Squire (59pts), Naisarani (52pts) & Taufua (33pts) demolished Matera (27pts), Kwagga (21pts) & Evans (18pts). Harry did take home two BP’s though to give him some comfort after strong scores from Naholo (68pts), Van der Merwe 67pts & Matsushima 61pts. Again an inability to start the right time hurt him with two poor coaching decisions leaving Nkosi and Goodhue scoring solidly on the bench. The loss also pushes Harry back into the bottom 4 for the first time in at least recent memory.

The round finished out with the form team of the comp Harry Tucker 555pts getting one over Alexander James 480pts after he too trailed on the prelims. Mapimpi’s dominant 83pts was helped along by Rob Thompsons 70pts,who is now surely one of the form backs in the comp, Tommy Robertson 48pts & plenty more scores in the 30-40s range. On paper the team don’t look as good as they score, but either way I’d hate to be playing him next week (Cargie). Nabung’s team was anchored by probably the best player in the comp Amanaki Mafi’s 76pts, as well as young guns Willemse’s 67pts and Uelese, who scored 52pts at prop despite getting a yellow card. His front row went ballistic with Taylor scoring 46pts & the Beast chipping in with 44pts. Nabung’s problems seem to lie in his second row and outside backs, where no one managed to impress.

Extra Facts:

Best Player: Israel Folau 86pts (Pags)
Worst Player: Ryan Crotty -4pts (Blake)
The best Supersub: Nil
The worst Supersub: Nil
Worst Coaching Decision (player left on the bench): Nkosi scored 54pts against the Sunwolves but Harry chose to play DHP who scored a pathetic 10pts instead. Honorable mention to Pags who’s bench significantly outscored his starters in all active positions.

The Table

THIS WEEKS Draft Order:

1st – Nelson
2nd – Pags
3rd – Nabung
4th – Harry
5th – Wylie
6th – Larry
7th – Crags
8th – Blake

Trade Night:

Matchups Round 5

(8) Get Ofa V Inagaki is Haviling an Oriet game! (7)
(4) Wylie’s Wabbeleys V Hip Hip Marais! (1)
(2) Show me the Ioane V Siya Later (3)
(5) Moves Like Jager V Most Hope (6)

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