2018 OG Draft Semi-Final Week 1

The Championship Semi-Finals Rd 1 

(1) Show me the Ioane 578 Leads 478 Most Hope (3)
(2) Moves Like Jager 493 Leads 487 Inficiting PTSD (4)

How it Happened!

The first round of finals have been updated, and in a shock to no one, Cargie has put a 100pt lead on his arch nemsis Nabung. Bigger deficits have been overturned in years gone by, but Nabung is well and truly pushing shit up hill.

In a far more surprising turn around Harry’s boys have racked up the tackles to make up a 100pt prelim deficit in one of the all time come backs, to leads Blake by 6 at the interval.

The Wooden Spoon Semi-Final Week 1

(5) Krem de la Krem 544 Leads 532 You, Me and Dan du Preez (8)
(7)Wylie’s Wabbeleys Coyote 535 Leads 427 Hip Hip 2.0 (6)

Round 2 to come next week!

Written by Harrison Dale

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