2018 OG Draft Semi-Final Week 2

The Fantasy Gods have gone to work overnight.

They answered some prayers and slit the throato of some dreams, as players’ scored fluctuated largely in both directions.. providing some erections and deflating others.

The Championship – Semi 1

In the top half of the ladder in Semi 1, Nabung’s ‘Most Hopeless’ set their sites on overcoming a 100 point deficit. The timely return to form of Kwagga (85pts) and Lam (61pts) and a huge performance from the man who sure played Wells (54) kept his hopes alive.

But this isnt a back alley in Oxford St and Cargie wasn’t going to bend over and take it like it was any other Saturday night. He wanted blood. He wanted to bathe in the tears of Nabung and claim the clean sweep of 4 wins from 4 match-ups in 2018. This seasons perennial performer, Malcolm “in the middle” Marx (63pts) went to town on the Waratahs, whilst Julian Savea (65pts) did his best to make SR fans forget about 2017 and played like it was 2015!

This week Nabungs men were too strong, winning by 465 to 437 over his bigger, uglier opponent.

In the end, Cargie takes home the cookies.

With a combined score of 1013, Show Me The Ioane’s trounced Most Hope who walked away with 943.


Harry’s Moves Like Jager enter part 2 of the semi with a 6 points lead, brimming with confidence and chasing a Ryan Quaddie (4 championships in a row).

Blake was confident his men could overcome the deficit and he was over heard giving his boys the talking to; “Boys, this week is like my standard breakfast… Bacon and Eggs. The question is are you committed like the chicken or are you all in like the pig?”

To anyone who didnt hear this little soliloquy, they would have been left scratching their heads on the numerous occasion he shouted “BE THE PIG BOYS!!” during Saturday nights matches.

From his side, there is no arguing the Havili (56pts) was a pig, the issue was the rest were only chickens… to be honest Laumape (6pts), Mapoe (10pts) and Kepu (0pts) don’t even deserve that honour.

The standouts for Moves Like Jager were; Mo’unga (82pts), Ricciteli (64pts) and Goodhue (55pts), the worst were: Captain Mud Simmons (10pts) and Miller (14pts). In fact, it looked like the tahs were going to do their best not only to break Harry’s heart, by not making the SR Grand Final, but also his spirit, by not making the Fantasy Final.

In the end Moves Like Jager were just too good. A 495 to 357 win secured him the Grand Final berth with a total of 988pts in comparison to Blakes 844…

Wooden Spoon Playoffs – Semi 1

After a narrow win in week 1 for Garry, he was shaking in his boots after Saturdays matches. However Nelson’s team was full of Waratahs… I guess he just wanted the Tahs to succeed. Maybe, in hindsight he should have picked all the Lions… Because if you are in You, Me and Wylie you are going to have a bad night.

Krem de la Krem took a 12 point lead into Saturday and he had his fingers crossed that big performances from Marx (63pts), Kwagga (85pts), Bridge (53pts) and Havili (56pts) would be enough… but would they?

Nelsons standouts were the likes of Wells (54pts) and Robertson (37pts) but the rest were basically sat around the mid 20s.

The move to select Garry 5’8 was a good one and the retaliation to take Nelson’s halfback wasnt bad either. In fact nelsons benchie Gordon (14pts) ended up out performing Larry’s Phipps (-1pt), however Hall walked away with 27pts on his bench.

This match up went down to the wire, however some could say justice took place and the higher qualifying team won the match up for the 3rd time this week, with Larry taking this week out by 437 to 422. Giving him a total score of 981 to Nelson’s 954.

Well done Larry… you are no longer my best man… You are the worst man

Semi 2

Wylie entered this round with a 108 point lead and he basically pulled up shop as if the job was done. This last “The comedian” Pags to exploit his absence and add to the already big bruises on Wylies tender glutes.

Hip Hip 2.0 fired on almost all cylinders this week and a lot of the boys really stood up in Pags’ time of need. Riccitelli (64pts). Mo’unga (82pts), Savea (65pts), Goodhue (55pts), Evans (42pts) and Todd (41pts) put in big shifts and together outscored Wylies Wobbly Coyotes.

The top performing Coyotes were BLAM (61pts) and Folau (45pts), the rest forgot to turn up. His move of picking all the Hurricanes first was as bad as Nelson’s similar move with the Waratahs and Pags’ move to take Wylies hooker paid dividends.

Hip Hip took out the battle by 543pts to 314
and they took out the war 970 to 849.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Show Me The Ioanes (437) 1015 beat 943 (465) Most Hope 
Moves Like Jager (495) 988 beat 844 (357) Inflicting PTSD

Krem de la Krem (437) 981 beat 945 (422) You, Me & Wylie 
Hip Hip 2.0
(543) 970 beat 849 (314) Wylies Wabbeleys Coyote

Grand Final match-ups are as follows:

Championship Final:
Show Me The Ioanes (1) v Moves Like Jager (2)

Wooden Spoon/Comedy Final:
Wylies Wabbeleys Coyote (7) v You, Me & Wylie (8)

This is as the regular season predicted. The top 2 and the bottom 2.

Could it get any more juicy?

From all of us here is the Fantasy XV Draft, Keep it deep and Keep it HAAARRRDDD

Written by Nelson Dale & Harrison Dale

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