Preseason 2018 OG Draft History

Before the build up for 2018 we reflect back on what has come before us. 2018 brought the OG Draft Trophy, here is a look at what has come before now.

The OG Draft Champion Trophy

The first ever OG Draft in 2012 was won by none other than Draft Rugby Developer Nelson. He has never replicated his original success, but a number of finals appearances means he is never short of misguided confidence.

2013 the English import Schaffer won the draft, pulling out all three finals games despite selecting worse teams on paper. This was the only year anyone won by picking predominantly South African Super Rugby players. He almost shockingly ignored the many talents of the generally superior Kiwi players. He was also the first man to ever win a grand final after qualifying fourth. Following his success he fled the country, never to play again.

OG Draft Commissioner, Harrison, has had a dream run since the bye year of 2014. He made the dreamed #Threepeat of titles in 2015, 2016 and 2017 a reality. A man of few words, he never lets his mates now of his outrageous success, except at every moment that he possibly could!

A #Threepeat of titles makes for a heavy hand (2015, 2016, 2017)

Bring on 2018’s draft order selections!

Written by Harrison Dale

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