2018 OG Draft Rd 1 & 16 Match-ups

In 2018 all South African sides played in round 1, and all the other sides played in round 16. For this reason we merged these weeks into one match up with the normal five trades to account for mid season injuries.

This weeks Match ups:

You, Me and Dan du PreezVMost Hope
Krem de la KremVMoves Like Jager
Inficiting PTSDVShow me the Ioane
Hip Hip 2.0VWylie’s Wabbeleys

Here’s how the sides went this week:

Match-Up Results

Most Hope 550pts Defeats 443pts You, Me and Dan du Preez
Krem de la Krem 488pts Defeats 486 Moves Like Jager
Inflicting PTSD 426 Defeats 414 Show me the Ioane
Hip Hip 2.0 488 Defeats 471 Wylie’s Wabbeleys

The Scoring System

Bonus pts1

The Table

Written by Harrison Dale

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