Draft Rugby 2019 Platform Update

Over the last few weeks there has been some significant delays and issues with us getting the Draft Rugby platform up and running in time for the 2019 season. We have been building the platform from the ground up ourselves because we don’t believe there is any platform that fully fits our vision for how Fantasy Rugby can be played, and our coders have spent many sleepless nights trying to solve the long list of coding issues that have arisen.

We are extremely disappointed to say that the platform is almost certainly not going to be up and running for the 2019 Super Rugby season. We are sure this comes as a huge disappointment for all our followers, we can honestly say that we feel the same way ourselves.

We will continue to build the platform out over the course of the year, so that we can deliver a fully fledged product for next season, with far more bells and whistles than what would have been possible this season.

What we will deliver in 2019

The Initial Draft

We still intend to release a platform that is capable of signing up leagues and running an initial draft. Our goal for this part of the platform, is to show you exactly what we have been working on through the off season. At this stage the original version will only allow you to select a random draft order, however this is a feature we intend to fix in the near future.

Player page

We have already opened our platform to show you the 2018 player stats We will have detailed round stats being delivered to us throughout the season, so we intend to share the data with you for your offline draft leagues, and all our blogs and podcasts.

This page will include the current player stats page, as well as the ability to click on each individual player to give significantly more details including; round by round stats (including the breakdown of each players actions during each game), and detailed player information (DOB, height, weight).

Unrivalled content

Draft Rugby (formally Fantasy XV Draft) delivered consistent blog and podcast information every week over the 2018 season. This year we intend to deliver the same great content, as well as:

  • “The OG League” Blog – Which will show you exactly how we run, and how we think fantasy rugby should be played (from the system to the banter).
  • Feature articles – each week showing you in depth analysis into certain positions and players
  • Super Rugby Team Draft Rugby Scores – Compare yourself against the real Super Rugby teams. Each week we will post the Super Rugby lineups with their fantasy scores, so that you can see if you did better than the Super Rugby coaches.

We once again apologise for the disappointing news that the platform will not be going ahead as we had hoped for 2019. Thank you again for your support in the build up to Super Rugby, the fantasy rugby community is fantastic to be a part of, and a big driver for the blood sweat and tears being put in over the last few months. You’ll continue to hear from us throughout the year as the platform grows. Fingers crossed we can get it running for the Rugby World Cup!! (A man can dream).

Written by Harrison Dale

4 thoughts on “Draft Rugby 2019 Platform Update

    1. HAHAHA mate that hashtag was absolutely amazing. We will definitely be using it!
      Thanks for the support. Plenty still to come in 2019 🙂


    1. Hi Duane,
      Firstly, thanks for following up! In the end there are too many nuances to the RWC for it to be a viable competition for us to get up and running. The coding demand is just too significant for our budget. Instead we are focusing on Super Rugby 2020.
      Thanks for your ongoing interest and support!



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