2019 OG League Rd 1 Results

Round 1 Final scores:

Wylie’s No Names 488 Defeats 380 White Linen Hides the Sinning
Coles-Royce 525 Defeats 424 Otere is the new Black
Clan Mckenzie 456 Defeats 329 Burnin’ Bridges
Blake’s No Names 372 Defeats 331 Call Me Big Papali’i

Wylie’s No Names 488 Defeats 380 White Linen Hides the Sinning
The two inexperienced Drafters, each with only a season behind them, went head to head in rd 1 to see who might actually have a shot at making an impact in 2019. Wylie took a 64 point lead in from the preliminary’s and things only got worst for Nsync’s band of boys. Wylie finished with a bonus point win 488 points on the back of somehow predicting Marnus Schoeman (68 pts) would get a run and Dan Du preez (64 pts), notable mentions go to Tuipolotu (45) and Marx (44). He’ll be kicking himself he couldn’t have pushed for top spot by leaving Maddocks on the bench, but 2nd place will have to do for now. Nsync wasn’t playing in the same league as Wylie this week, but he did get some value out of big guns Retallick (50 pts) and Vermeulen (47 pts). No doubt Little’s 7pts off the bench and Gelant only scoring 14pts despite controlling the game for the Bulls will be of concern for him. For now the record reads Wylie 1 – Nsync 0

Coles-Royce 525 Defeats 424 Otere is the new Black
This was a true David Vs Golliath. Nelson turned up to Draft night with his Wooden Spoon, while Cargie rolled in with his Trophy, ring, and a rude amount of swagger. Clearly Nelson has been spending his week preparing his punishment comedy routine, because he certainly wasn’t getting his boys up for the game. Cargie crushed Nelson by 101 points to take home a bonus point win, starting him where he finished 2018, on top of the table. Tries gallor meant Cargie got pay out of Akira Ioane (75 pts), Matt Philip (59 pts), Ene Nanai-Seturo & Allan Alaalatoa (58 pts), as well as a notable mention to Kuridrani (42). Considering his big boys out back BLAM and Mataele didn’t really fire, this might not be the last we see a big score from Coles-Royce. I know what you’re thinking, Nelson must have absolutely no idea what his doing… But before you’re too quick to judge, he did have the 4th highest total with 424 points. Made up largely by ALB (84 pts and FMOM) and Akkervan der Merwe (75 pts), also a notable mention to Holloway (40). If Rieko, Bob du Preez, Mapimpi and Moyano can sort their game out. He may have some upside. Either way, the scoreboard reads Cargie 1 – Nelson 0

Clan Mckenzie 456 Defeats 329 Burnin’ Bridges
Game 3 saw Larry take on perennial under performer Nabung, with Larry running out this weeks biggest winner by 127 points – largely due to Nabung’s sacko performance of 329. The bonus point win puts Larry in 3rd overall, and he has big games from Isi Naisarani (54 pts), Jesse Kriel (51 pts) and Tyler Ardron (49pts) to thank for it. Dishonourable mention to Super Rugby newcomer Ruhan Nel who bottomed out the scores this week with -9 points, not only did he stink out the fantasy scores, but his team stunk out the rugby field as well as they got hammered by the Bulls. Sometimes we go looking for positives in bad performances, but there really isn’t much to talk up here. Nabung’s namesake Bridge (41 pts) scored the best of a bad bunch, other than that is was all about the late withdrawal of Proctor (DNP) due to illness, Pocock’s (5 pts) early concussion and Millar (6 pts) apparently not wanting to actually lead his team that spelt the demise for this one. At least he gets first pick at trade night…. Larry 1 – Nabung 0

Blake’s No Names 372 Defeats 331 Call Me Big Papali’i
Last and most definitely least, we had the rounds most underwhelming match up. Two teams used to making finals, both Blake and Harry struggled to find anyone to role up their sleeves and hog the ball like they really wanted. You can forgive Harry for thinking he had this one with a 38 point lead at the pre-lims, but it wasn’t to be as Blake lifted on the home stretch to an unconvincing 41 point win. What it does mean is that Blake sits in 4th place after week one, and Harry takes home a losing bonus point to sit in 5th despite only scoring two more points than this weeks Sacko Nabung. To the highlights…. No one scored above 50 for Blake, with Beast (49 pts), Sam Carter (I know right) (45 pts) and Luke Whitelock (43 pts) making sure he actually put a score up, while Richie Mo was the disappointment of the week, his first round pick getting -2 points. Harry thought he had something to cheer about before Savea’s (62 pts) 2nd try got disallowed, but he didn’t realise his backs decided to sit this one out. A combined 65 points from 7 players pretty spelt out his defeat despite a reasonable showing across the board from his forwards. Honorable metnion to new starting prop Dylan Smith (42). The scoreboard reads Blake 1 – Harry – 0.

Extra Facts:
Best Player: Anton Lienert-Brown (Nelson) 84 points
Worst Player: Ruhan Nel (Larry) -9 points
The best Supersub: Owen Franks (Wylie) 31 points
The worst Supersub: Nil
Worst Coaching Decision (player left on the bench): Jack Maddocks 52 points for Toni Pulu 3pts (Wylie)

The Table

THIS WEEKS Trade Order:

1st – Nabung
2nd – Nsync
3rd – Nelson
4th – Harry
5th – Blake
6th – Larry
7th – Wylie 
8th – Cargie

This Weeks Fixtures:

(6) Otere is the new Black V Wylie’s No Names (2)
(8) Burnin’ Bridges V White Linen Hides the Sinning (7)
(5) Call Me Big Papali’i V Coles-Royce (1)
(4) Blake V Clan Mckenzie (3)

Wylie as the man with the number one draft pick it’s your call to decide where trade night will be this week.

Bring on round 2!

Written by Harrison Dale

2 thoughts on “2019 OG League Rd 1 Results

  1. Great read boys and fantastic to see that you boys do write ups very similar to how my group used to get into the group chat on the Fox Fantasy page.

    We’ve all converted to Draft Rugby and are really enjoying the set-up, the new take on things and are eagerly awaiting to see all player stats so we can determine our first round of winners and do our own serving of banter for those in spoon-contention.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Mitch, we are going to release the rd 1 stats on a spreadsheet tonight and then on the website tomorrow. Every week from then it should go up Monday or Tuesday


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