2019 OG League Rd 3 Results

Round 3 Final scores:

(1) Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs 503 458 defeats Burnin’ Bridges (5)
(4) Call Me Big Papali’i 514 defeats 383 Otere is the new Black (7) 
(8) White Linen Hides the Sinning 435 defeats 428 The Great White Hope (2)
(3) Coles-Royce 466 defeats 457 Clan Mckenzie (6)

Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs 503 458 defeats Burnin’ Bridges
Three games and three wins for last years 7th placed Wylie. This time he takes down the outrageously stacked Nabung. Laumape (104 points) topped the round and his team with an absolutely dominant performance, while Ruan Combrinck (-11pts) continues to disappoint fantasy managers everywhere. Brad Weber & Dan du Preez (54) played well with support from Marx (47). While Schoeman (42) righted some wrongs from last week. Burnin’ Bridges was missing main man Folau on a bye, causing them to lean even more heavily on Shannon Frizell (65). TJ Perenara (55) and Jack Goodhue (49) chipped in as well but no one else came to the party, with sub par scores across the board. This one ended up pretty straight forward, it now sits Wylie 1 – Nabung 0.

Call Me Big Papali’i 514 defeats 383 Otere is the new Black
Normally when the brothers go head to head Harry takes the bragging rights, but this week they barely went head to head at all. While Harry’s ‘Call me Big Papali’i’ top scored the week with 514, The Spoon ‘Otere is the new Black’ came dead last with only 383 points. The BP win shoots Harry up one spot to 3rd and Nelson down to his usual spot… Ardie Savea (66 points) was a beast, as was Folau Fainga’a (64) Dylan Smith (61) and Dalton Papali’i (54). Melani Nanai (51) continued his good form again showing up Nelson’s Reiko Ioane (33) on the other wing. A Notable mention goes to the heads up trade between the two – Harry receiving Pauliasi Manu (35) and giving up Tei Walden (22) to Nelson, in return for Kurtley Beale who he can carry for the season. A clear win in principle to Nelson for the week, but not one Harry was ever concerned could cause a problem in their match up. Nelson did score some late points with Ramiro Moyano (61) bagging a double and Ennor scoring a respectable 45. But that’s about as far as the positive’s went for this once respected manager. Harry 1 – Nelson 0.

White Linen Hides the Sinning 435 defeats 428 The Great White Hope
We never thought it would happen this early, but returning battler Nsync has bagged his first win! All be it an unconvincing 7 point win over finals regular Blake. It’s enough to drag him off the bottom of the table to 7th while Blake sinks down to 4th. ‘White Linen Hides the Sinning’s’ points came from Rosko Specman (49), Elliot Dixon (44) and that’s about it… Somehow though it was enough to take down ‘The Great white NOPE’ who scored almost all their points through Samu Kerevi (64 points), Jenkins (46), Taleni Seu (45) and Makalio (41). Surely questions need to be asked as to the value of Shaun Stevenson (1 point, 36 points total from 3 games) and another dud performance by Aphiwe Dyanti (3). This one sits Nsync 1 – Blake 0.

Coles-Royce 466 defeats 457 Clan Mckenzie
So close but so far for Larry’s ‘Clan Mckenzie’, a 9 point loss flattered the man official known as ‘Loser Harry’ as he trailed by 94 points at the prelims. DHP made a huge comeback (63 points) and Lachlan McCaffery (51) is surely one of the most improved fantasy players of the year. But it wasn’t enough to cover for duds Powell (8), Toomaga-Allen (12), Taufua (15) and Delguy (17).
The defending champ Cargie keeps climbing up the ladder and now sits in 2nd place after offloading Taufua (who Larry classically picked up) for Whetu Douglas (83 points). A juggling act that he seems to absolutely nail. Dane Coles (69) double was a timely return to form, and somehow Nanai-Seturo (51) keeps racking up the points. The scary thing about this one is that he took the win with both Akira (23) and Josh Ioane (19) failing to impress. This one reads Cargie 1 – Larry 0.

Extra Facts:
Best Player: Ngani Laumape 104 points (Wylie)
Worst Player: Ruan Combrinck -11 points (Wylie)
The best Supersub: Guido Petti 28 points (Harry)
The worst Supersub: Nil
Worst Coaching Decision (player left on the bench): Will Jordan 78 points left on the bench while Jordan Petaia scored 5 points before his injury.

The Table

THIS WEEKS Trade Order:

1st – Nelson
2nd – Nsync
3rd – Larry
4th – Nabung
5th – Blake
6th – Harry
7th – Cargie
8th – Wylie

This Weeks Fixtures:

(3) Call Me Big Papali’i V Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs (1)
(4) The Great White Hope V Burnin’ Bridges (5)
(6) Clan Mckenzie V Otere is the new Black (8)
(2) Coles-Royce V White Linen Hides the Sinning (7)

Blake it’s your call which pub we head to for trade night this week.

It’s time to separate the men from the boys! Bring on round 3!

Written by Harrison Dale

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