2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 4

How it works:

You can check out how trade night flows here.

This Week the Trade night order and picks were:

Tomorrow’s Trades will finish as follows

10 am: Nsync
11 am: Nelson
12 pm: Larry
1 pm: Nabung
2 pm: Harry
3 pm: Blake
4 pm: Cargie
5 pm: Wylie

Round 3 Match-ups

(1) Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs V The Great White Hope (3)
(4) Call Me Big Papali’i V Clan Mckenzie (6)
(5) Burnin’ Bridges V Coles-Royce (2)
(7) Otere is the new Black V White Linen Hides the Sinning (8)

Note the () indicates the players rank.

Written by Harrison Dale

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