2019 The Semi-Final OG Draft Round 1

The OG League Draft finals are finally here! Our semi-final runs over two consecutive weeks, with the combined scores deciding the head to head match-ups.

The finals Draft are not snake drafts like our initial season draft. Instead we pick 1st to 4th, then 1st to 4th again. Our season finished as follows:

This week the match-ups are:

The Championship:
(1) Havili’s Homophobic Henchmen V Burnin’ Bridges (4)
(2) Call me Big Papali’i V Karl Marx Groomed these Maddogs (3)

The Draft Teams

OG Draft League Semi-Final Highlights:

Best 1st Round Pick: Sevu Reece- The best player in the comp a full 11 points! It was never going to be anyone else.
Biggest Balls up: Braydon Ennor – The Crusaders bench outside back was taken in the 7th round by Wylie as he looked to load up on Crusaders outside backs. Never mind that he also had George Bridge who literally took his spot.
Value Pick (Snuck through late): Tomas Cubelli – gone in the 15th round, he scores 0.51 points per minute! Not bad for a last starter.
Best Smokie: Peter Umaga-Jensen, with only two rounds of form he is probably the biggest smokie of the round.
Best Sub: Agustin Creevy, the tireless hooker scores 0.68 points per minute, if he gets big minutes he could be the top hooker of the week!

Average Points Value per team ranked 1-4

Looking at the starting lineups we found the total value of each team from 2019’s stats to see who should be favourite this year.

1st = 1st pick Blake 574 point average
2nd = 4th pick Nabung 564 point average
3rd = 2nd pick Harry 534 point average
4th = 3rd pick Wylie 505 point average

Our picks as per the Pick order was:

Here is our full 2019 draft order, hopefully it might give you some insight into how Rugby Union Super Nerds draft their finals.

Pick 1Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenSevu Reece (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iArdie Savea (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsNgani Laumape (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesAnton Lienert-Brown (CHI)
Pick 2Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenBeauden Barrett (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iRichie Mo’unga (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsGeorge Bridge (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesDavid Havilii (CRU)
Pick 3Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenDaniel du Preez (SHA)
Call me Big Papali’iRob Thompson (HIG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBen Lam (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesRG Snyman (BUL)
Pick 4Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJack Goodhue (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iJackson Hemopo (HIG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBrodie Retallic (CHI)
Burnin’ BridgesFolau Fainga’a (BRU)
Pick 5Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenPablo Matera (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iDane Coles (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsKieran Read (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesGuido Petti Pagadizaval (JAG)
Pick 6Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenCody Taylor (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iSebastian Cancelliere (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsWaisake Naholo (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesJordie Barrett (HUR)
Pick 7Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenBrad Weber (CHI)
Call me Big Papali’iSolomon Alaimalo (CHI)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBraydon Ennor (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesPita Gus Sowakula (CHI)
Pick 8Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenBen Smith (HIG)
Call me Big Papali’iEmiliano Boffelli (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsLiam Squire (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesTom Banks (BRU)
Pick 9Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenLizo Gqoboka (BUL)
Call me Big Papali’iLachlan Boshier (CHI)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsRory Arnold (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesTJ Perenara (HUR)
Pick 10Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenSean Wainui (CHI)
Call me Big Papali’iAaron Smith (HIG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsTevita Kurindrani (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJesse Kriel (BUL)
Pick 11Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJack Goodhue (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iTyler Ardron (CHI)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsJosh Ioane (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesSam Cane (CHI)
Pick 12Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenScott Barrett (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iMatt Todd (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsAngus Ta’ avao (CHI)
Burnin’ BridgesAllan Alaalatoa (BRU)
Pick 13Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenLuke Whitelock (HIG)
Call me Big Papali’iMzamo Majola (SHA)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsDuane Vermuelen (BUL)
Burnin’ BridgesWhetu Douglas (CRU)
Pick 14Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenAtu Moli (CHI)
Call me Big Papali’iTrevor Nyakane (BUL)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsLiam Coltman (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesHandre Pollard (BUL)
Pick 15Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenThomas Franklin (HIG)
Call me Big Papali’iPeter Umaga-Jensen (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsTomas Cubelli (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesCoenie Oosthuizen (SHA)
Pick 16Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenCurwin Bosch (SHA)
Call me Big Papali’iWes Goosen (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsOwen Franks (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJack Debreczeni (CHI)
Pick 17Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenShaun Stevenson (CHI)
Call me Big Papali’iPeter Samu (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsMakazole Mapimpi (SHA)
Burnin’ BridgesSam Whitelock (CRU)
Pick 18Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenSam Carter (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iAgustin Creevy (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBryn Hall (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesRyan Crotty (CRU)
Pick 19Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenM. Van Starden (BUL)
Call me Big Papali’iSantiago Medrano (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsJaquin Diaz Bonilla (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesRob Valetini (BRU)
Pick 20Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenNathan Harris (CHI)
Call me Big Papali’iSio Tomkinson (HIG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsKerron Van Vuuren (SHA)
Burnin’ BridgesRosko Speckman (BUL)
Pick 21Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenAndre Esterhuizen (SHA)
Call me Big Papali’iJoe Powell (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsIsaia Walker-Leawere (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesTyrel Lomax (HIG)
Pick 22Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenLouis Schreuder (SHA)
Call me Big Papali’iJason Jenkins (BUL)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsTom Cusack (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJaco Visagie (BUL)
Pick 23Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJeff Toomaga-Allen (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iDamian Mckenzie (CHI)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsScott Sio (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesAndre Warner (BUL)

Written by Harrison Dale.

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