2019 The Semi-Final OG Draft Round 2

The OG League Draft semi-finals are half way done! Nabung looks to be in cruise control with the grand final being his destination, while Harry holds a reasonable lead over 2019’s most improved Wylie. Check out our teams and let us know who you think will get the win!

The finals Draft are not snake drafts like our initial season draft. Instead we pick 1st to 4th, then 1st to 4th again. Our season finished as follows:

This week the match-ups are:

The Championship:
(4) Burnin’ Bridges 643 leads 383 Havili’s Homophobic Henchmen (1)
(2) Call me Big Papali’i 501 leads 359 Karl Marx Groomed these Maddogs (3)

The Draft Teams

OG Draft League Semi-Final Highlights:

Best 1st Round Pick: Sevu Reece 62.3 AVG, what more can I say!
Biggest Balls up: Blakes back line, Irae Simone and Matias Orlando, with Bonilla inside him…… WOW
Value Pick (Snuck through late): Ryan Crotty picked up in round 10 by Harry
Best Smokie: Salesi Rayasi picked up in the 12th round by Harry
Best Sub: Agustin Creevy sitting on Blakes bench so that Nabung couldn’t ge his own starter.

Average Points Value per team ranked 1-4

Looking at the starting lineups we found the total value of each team from 2019’s stats to see who should be favourite this year.

1st = 2nd pick Harry 469.1 point average
2nd = 4th pick Nabung 456.8 point average
3rd = 1st pick Blake 444.8 point average
4th = 3rd pick Wylie 423 point average

Our picks as per the Pick order was:

Here is our full 2019 draft order, hopefully it might give you some insight into how Rugby Union Super Nerds draft their finals.

Pick 1Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenSevu Reece (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iRichie Mo’unga (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBeauden Barrett (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesArdie Savea (HUR)
Pick 2Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenPablo Matera (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iTJ Perenara (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsCodie Taylor (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesDavid Havilli (CRU)
Pick 3Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenAllan Alaalatoa (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iFolau Fainga’a (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsJack Goodhue (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesNgani Laumape (HUR)
Pick 4Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenDane Coles (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iTevita Kuridrani (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsRory Arnold (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesGeorge Bridge (CRU)
Pick 5Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenGuido Petti (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iKieran Read (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsLachlan McCaffery (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesMatt Todd (CRU)
Pick 6Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJordie Barrett (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iSebastian Cancelliere (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsEmilliano Boffelli (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesBen Lam (HUR)
Pick 7Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenThomas Banks (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iScott Barrett (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsWhetu Douglas (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJoe Powell (BRU)
Pick 8Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenTomas Cubelli (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iSam Whitelock (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBryn Hall (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesSam Carter (CRU)
Pick 9Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenAgustin Creevy (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iTomas Lezana (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsPeter Umaga-Jensen (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesChristian Leali’ifano (BRU)
Pick 10Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJoaquin Diaz Bonilla (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iRyan Crotty (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsMatias Moroni (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesRob Valetini (BRU)
Pick 11Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenGareth Evans (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iHenry Speight (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsIsea Walker-leawere (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesJeronimo De La Fuente (JAG)
Pick 12Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenIrae Simone (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iSalesi Rayasi (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsToni Pulu (BRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJeff Toomaga-Allen (HUR)
Pick 13Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenMatias Orlando (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iReed Prinsep (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsOtego Desio (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesJames Blackwell (HUR)
Pick 14Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenThomas Cusack (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iScott Sio (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsOwen Franks (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJulian Montoya (JAG)
Pick 15Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenTomas Lavanini (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iJoe Moody (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsMedrano (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesToby Smith (HUR)
Pick 16Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenMayco Vivas (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iJoe Moody (CRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBraydon Ennor (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesMichael Alaalatoa (CRU)
Pick 17Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenJordan Taufua (CRU)
Call me Big Papali’iRamiro Moyano (JAG)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsVea Fifita (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesAndrew Makalio (CRU)
Pick 18Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenTom Wright (BRU)
Call me Big Papali’iAsafo Aumua (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsDrummond (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesLuke Romano (CRU)
Pick 19Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenMarcos Kremer (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iRichard Judd (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsBen May (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesJahrome Brown (BRU)
Pick 20Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenFelipe Ezcurra (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iDarcy Swain (BRU)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsJames Marshall (HUR)
Burnin’ BridgesMatt Lucas (BRU)
Pick 21Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenDomingo Miotti (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iDu’Plessis Kirifi (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsMitchell Hunt (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesJonah Lowe (HUR)
Pick 22Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenNahuel Tetaz Chaparro (JAG)
Call me Big Papali’iDamian McKenzie (CHI)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsLiam Squire (HIG)
Burnin’ BridgesConnal McInerney (BRU)
Pick 23Havili’s Homophobic HenchmenKane Leaupepe (HUR)
Call me Big Papali’iXavier Numia (HUR)
Karl Marx Groomed these MaddogsGeorge Bower (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesStephen Larkham (BRU)

Written by Harrison Dale.

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