2019 The Wooden Spoon OG Draft Round 2

The OG League Draft’s Wooden Spoon Final is about to come to a close. Nelson has a narrow 69 point lead over regular season dookie Larry as we enter the second half of their grand final playoff. Check out the teams and let us know who you think will get the win!

The finals Draft are not snake drafts like our initial season draft. Instead we pick 7th to 8th, then 7th to 8th again. Our season finished as follows:

This week the match-ups are:

(7) Otere is the new Black 554 leads 486 Clan McKenzie (8)

The Draft Teams

The Wooden Spoon:

OG Draft League Semi-Final Highlights:

Best 1st Round Pick: Sevu Reece (Larry) – Surely the “Match-up Ender” has to take the cake here, especially considering Larry countered Richie Mo with Beaudy.
Biggest Balls up: Ryan Crotty (Larry) – Why would you pick the 32nd ranked player and 5th ranked centre on averages with your 6th overall pick? Because you ballsed up obviously!
Value Pick (Snuck through late): Tevita Kurindrani (Nelson) – he might have missed out on Crotty, but instead he got the 3rd ranked centre with his 14th pick! This good be a big points win for the man we call “Choo Choo”.
Best Sub: Matt Todd (Larry) – Why would you bench “Finals Todd” for Whetu Douglas who only plays 50minutes and has a 3rd average of 26.7???? We have absolutely no idea, but hey it is the wooden spoon play off!

Average Points Value per team ranked

Looking at the starting lineups we found the total value of each team from 2019’s stats to see who should be favourite this year.

1st = 1st pick Nelson 555 point average
2nd = 4th pick Larry 538.8 point average

Our picks as per the Pick order was:

Here is our full 2019 draft order, hopefully it might give you some insight into how Rugby Union Super Idiots draft their finals.

Pick 1Otere is the new BlackRichie Mo’unga (CRU)
Clan MckenzieSevu Reece (CRU)
Pick 2Otere is the new BlackArdie Savea (HUR)
Clan Mckenzie Beauden Barrett (HUR)
Pick 3Otere is the new BlackTJ Perenara (HUR)
Clan MckenzieNgani Laumape (HUR)
Pick 4Otere is the new BlackAlan Alaalatoa (BRU)
Clan MckenziePablo Matera (JAG)
Pick 5Otere is the new BlackDavid Havili (CRU)
Clan MckenzieGeorge Bridge (CRU)
Pick 6Otere is the new BlackJack Goodhue (CRU)
Clan MckenzieRyan Crotty (CRU)
Pick 7Otere is the new BlackBen Lam (HUR)
Clan MckenzieGuido Petti (JAG)
Pick 8Otere is the new BlackRory Arnold (BRU)
Clan MckenzieWhetu Douglas (CRU)
Pick 9Otere is the new BlackKieran Read (CRU)
Clan MckenzieLauchlan McCaffrey (BRU)
Pick 10Otere is the new BlackScott Barrett (CRU)
Clan MckenzieSam Whitelock (CRU)
Pick 11Otere is the new BlackFolau Fainga’a (BRU)
Clan MckenzieDane Coles (HUR)
Pick 12Otere is the new BlackSebastian Cancelliere (JAG)
Clan MckenzieEmiliano Boffelli (JAG)
Pick 13Otere is the new BlackScott Sio (BRU)
Clan MckenzieOwen Franks (CRU)
Pick 14Otere is the new BlackChoo Choo (BRU)
Clan MckenzieMatt Todd (CRU)
Pick 15Otere is the new BlackJoe Powell (BRU)
Clan MckenzieTomas Cubelli (JAG)
Pick 16Otere is the new BlackToomaga-Allen (HUR)
Clan MckenzieSantiago Medrano (JAG)
Pick 17Otere is the new BlackCody Taylor (CRU)
Clan Mckenzie Jordie Barrett (HUR)
Pick 18Otere is the new BlackThomas Banks (BRU)
Clan MckenziePeter Umaga-Jensen (HUR)
Pick 19Otere is the new BlackSam Carter (BRU)
Clan MckenzieTomas Lavini (JAG)
Pick 20Otere is the new BlackTomas Lezana (JAG)
Clan MckenzieJoaquin Diaz Bonilla (JAG)
Pick 21Otere is the new BlackReed Prinsep (HUR)
Clan MckenzieToby Smith (HUR)
Pick 22Otere is the new BlackMatias Orlando (JAG)
Clan MckenzieAgustin Creevy (JAG)
Pick 23Otere is the new BlackMitch Hunt (CRU)
Clan MckenzieBryn Hall (CRU)

Written by Harrison Dale.

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