2019 The OG League Grand-Final Draft

The OG League Draft Grand Final is upon us! Both Harry and Nabung held out to claim wins in their respective semi-final match-ups despite losing in the 2nd row.

The finals Draft runs the same as during the semi’s. Harry is our first seed, with Nabung 2nd. We pick 1st to 2nd, then 1st to 2nd again and so on. Our season finished as follows:

This Grand Final Match-up is:

The Championship Semi’s:
(1) Call me Big Papali’i V Burnin’ Bridges (2)

The Draft Teams

Average Points Value per team Ranked:

Looking at the starting lineups we found the total value of each team from 2019’s stats to see who should be favourite for the title this year.

1st = 2nd pick Nabung 435 point average
2nd = 1st pick Harry 433.5 point average

Pick Order:

Here is our full 2019 Grand Final draft order, hopefully it might give you some insight into how Rugby Union Super Nerds draft their finals.

Pick 1Call me Big Papali’iRichie Mo’unga (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesSevu Reece (CRU)
Pick 2Call me Big Papali’iPablo Matera (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesBraydon Ennor (CRU)
Pick 3Call me Big Papali’iDavid Havili (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesCodie Taylor (CRU)
Pick 4Call me Big Papali’iKieran Read (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesMatt Todd (CRU)
Pick 5Call me Big Papali’iJack Goodhue (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesMatias Orlando (JAG)
Pick 6Call me Big Papali’iGuido Petti (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesEmiliano Boffelli (JAG)
Pick 7Call me Big Papali’iGeorge Bridge (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesRamiro Moyano (JAG)
Pick 8Call me Big Papali’iTomas Cubelli (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesSam Whitelock (CRU)
Pick 9Call me Big Papali’iAgustin Creevy (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesJoaquin Diaz Bonilla (JAG)
Pick 10Call me Big Papali’iMatias Moroni (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesMitchell Dunshea (CRU)
Pick 11Call me Big Papali’iJeronimo De La Fuente (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesWhetu Douglas (CRU)
Pick 12Call me Big Papali’iJavier Ortega Desio (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesBryn Hall (CRU)
Pick 13Call me Big Papali’iTomas Lavanini (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesMarcos Kremer (JAG)
Pick 14Call me Big Papali’iOwen Franks (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesSantiago Medrano (JAG)
Pick 15Call me Big Papali’iNahuel Tetaz Chaparro (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesJoe Moody (CRU)
Pick 16Call me Big Papali’iWill Jordan (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesMichael Alaalatoa (CRU)
Pick 17Call me Big Papali’iJordan Taufua (CRU
Burnin’ BridgesTomas Lezana (JAG)
Pick 18Call me Big Papali’iJulian Montoya (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesSebastian Cancilliere (JAG)
Pick 19Call me Big Papali’iMitchell Drummond (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesAndrew Makalio (CRU)
Pick 20Call me Big Papali’iLuke Romano (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesDomingo Miotti (JAG)
Pick 21Call me Big Papali’iMayco Vivas (JAG)
Burnin’ BridgesFelipe Ezcurra (JAG)
Pick 22Call me Big Papali’iDamian McKenzie (CHI)
Burnin’ BridgesJuan Manuel Leguizamon (JAG)
Pick 23Call me Big Papali’iMitch Hunt (CRU)
Burnin’ BridgesGeorge Bower (CRU)

Written by Harrison Dale.

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