Dev Update #1

G’day ladies and gentlemen.

This is an extremely overdue post about the development of the Draft Rugby Fantasy Rugby platform.

Rather than trying to write a longer and perfect post and never finishing or publishing it, I’m going to just start making incremental update posts and make them more often.

It’s Tuesday the 7th of January 2020 and the Draft Rugby team is madly working away on both pre season content (blogs and the podcast) and getting our fantasy rugby platform over the line and ready to launch for the 2020 Super Rugby Season.

In terms of a timeline, it is our hope that the platform is up and running by Sunday morning the 19th of January (AEST) so that you can sign up, create leagues, invite friends and start drafting your fantasy teams!! In the worst case scenario it wouldn’t be up until the following weekend the 25/26th of January, in order to still allow managers to organize their drafts on the weekend before Super Rugby 2020 commences.

We have always run our own leagues draft the night before the first Super Rugby match which has tended to be on a Thursday night. This is in order to have the most up to date player information and crucially the first rounds starting team lineups for our draft. In 2020 our league draft will take place on Thursday the 30th of January. To read about our league, get some ideas or inspiration for your own and to follow our league, check out the OG League Blog which we’ll start up again for the 2020 season shortly.

Whilst there will be numerous updates to the site and the blog over the coming weeks in January for now you can currently check out:

-> Our Super Rugby 2020 Conference Previews (podcasts and blog posts)
-> Draft Rugby 2019 Fantasy Rugby Player Stats
-> Draft Rugby Fantasy Rugby Rules & Scoring at our What the Ruck? page.

The next few blog posts we plan to write are as follows;

-The story so far
-The Draft Rugby Team – who are we?
-Sharing some designs and features of the platform
-Covering what features we will launch with and what we want to build.

Cheers from the team,
Cargie, Harry & Nelson


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