The Casualty Ward 2020 Preseason

Super Rugby 2020 is almost here, and with it comes the most important night of the Fantasy Rugby calendar, Draft night! Make sure you stay up to date with all the injury news so that you know who to pick, who to leave, and who to plan as your mid season smokie. Once again we … Continue reading The Casualty Ward 2020 Preseason

Dev Update #1

G'day ladies and gentlemen. This is an extremely overdue post about the development of the Draft Rugby Fantasy Rugby platform. Rather than trying to write a longer and perfect post and never finishing or publishing it, I'm going to just start making incremental update posts and make them more often. It's Tuesday the 7th of … Continue reading Dev Update #1


This is how the Super Rugby Clubs themselves scored by the end of the regular season of  2019 Draft Rugby's Fantasy Super Rugby. TEAM ↓ STARTING XV FULL TEAM (23) BENCH ONLY Crusaders* 8029 9298 1353 Chiefs 7881 9275 1394 Highlanders* 7659 8792 1204 Hurricanes 7390 8619 1229 Waratahs 7309 8423 1115 Blues 7209 8384 … Continue reading FANTASY SUPER RUGBY 2019 – SUPER RUGBY CLUB SCORES.

2019 OG Draft Grand Final Result

The Championship Grand Finals (1) Call me Big Papali’i V Burnin’ Bridges (2) In the final fixture of the Draft season we had one returning finalist and one fresh faced manager looking to write his name into history. Harry was looking to create a Drafting dynasty after finishing champion in 2015,16,17 and runner up in … Continue reading 2019 OG Draft Grand Final Result

2019 The OG League Grand-Final Draft

The OG League Draft Grand Final is upon us! Both Harry and Nabung held out to claim wins in their respective semi-final match-ups despite losing in the 2nd row. The finals Draft runs the same as during the semi's. Harry is our first seed, with Nabung 2nd. We pick 1st to 2nd, then 1st to … Continue reading 2019 The OG League Grand-Final Draft