Draft Rugby 2019 Platform Update

Over the last few weeks there has been some significant delays and issues with us getting the Draft Rugby platform up and running in time for the 2019 season. We have been building the platform from the ground up ourselves because we don't believe there is any platform that fully fits our vision for how … Continue reading Draft Rugby 2019 Platform Update

2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 9

How it works: You can check out how trade night flows here. This week the Trade night order and picks were: Pre-Trade night trades were as follows:Blake traded with Harry: Tom Banks (BRU) for Emiliano Boffelli (JAG) Tomorrow’s Trades will finish as follows 10 am: Larry11 am: Nsync12 pm: Nabung1 pm: Nelson2 pm: Cargie3 pm: Blake4 … Continue reading 2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 9

Fantasy Point Goldmines and Deserts

This article will provide you with valuable data in relation to teams that score and teams that leak points, the goldmines and the deserts. If you want to take your research a step further, this information is a perfect base for assessing the strength of draw for teams in the second half of the season. … Continue reading Fantasy Point Goldmines and Deserts

2019 OG League Rd 9 Results

The OG League is at its half way point as the have's and have not's are starting to show themselves. Check out how it all went down here. Round 9 Final scores: (6) Otere is the new Black 584 defeats 542 Marximum Louw Groomed Maddogs (1)(8) White Linen Hides the Sinning 420 defeats 279 Burnin' … Continue reading 2019 OG League Rd 9 Results

The Casualty Ward Rd 9

The Casualty ward is your home for all the latest info on every injured player in Super Rugby. If something is being said, we are on it! While you're here make sure you check out our fantasy round review, stock market and podcast as the week roles on. Season 2 Episode 14 of the @DraftRugby … Continue reading The Casualty Ward Rd 9

The Stock Market Rd 9: Izzy Gone? You Better Believe It

To start this week I just want to recap a couple picks from last week's article. I hope you heeded our advice. The first bit of advice was to pick up "Blue Chip" Jean-Luc du Preez and this week he will make his return to the Sharks lineup via the bench. As last years 2nd … Continue reading The Stock Market Rd 9: Izzy Gone? You Better Believe It