2018 OG Draft Rd 2 Results

Round 2 Results:

Moves Like Jager 543 Defeats 414 Finding Chemo
Show me the Ioane 500 Defeats 377 Most Hope
Everybody Loves Larry 465 Defeats 292 Wylie’s No Names
Fully Nabuli! 508 Defeats 487 Something to do with Inagaki

How it played out!

The Draft is backkkkkkkkkk! 
The first matchup starts the same way the last season finished. Harry V Nelson, and once again the Commish rigged the points to get the win with a dominant 543 (1st) V 414 (6th) The absolute bullshit pick of Fitzpatrick gave him 68pts while strong scores from DHP (58), Mapoe (56) and Goodhue (51) were the backbone of his side. The always offensive finding chemo found his oints from mckenzie (64) as well as Carr, jantjies and Lealiifano all scoring in the 40s.
The 2nd Matchup had Show me the Ioane taking on the bloke he publicly bagged several times on the new Fantasy XV Draft podcast. His trash talk was backed up with a BP 500pt (3rd) win over Nabungs 377 (7th). Big scores from the appropriate Ioane brothers -61 Akira, and 59 Reiko built the win with good support from Whiteley (51). Nabung was hit hard by the withdrawl of both Hames and Gelant in the 11th hour, meaning he played with only 13men. Never the less his backs consisting of Banks (49), Alaimalo (47) and Lienert Brown (44) racked up his points.
Everybody Loves Larry can count himself lucky to have been matched up against the 12 man Bye (Wylie) and belted him 465 (5th) to 292 (8th). Thompson top scored the round with 79, Snyman (53), Foley (51), Hooper (50) also scored well.
We round the matchups out with Fully Nabuli Blake taking on Something to do with Inagaki in what was the most competitive head to head game of the round. Similarly to years gone by, Blake took the win and pags found a way to lose (with a couple of BPs mind you) 508 (2) to 487 (4th). Blake had SP Marais (75), the Rookie Gatland (53), Naisarani (51) and surprisingly Marx (50) to thank for the tight win. While Pags would have wanted more from SBW (16) and Retallick (15) to go along with big scores from Izzy (70), Todd (61) and Coetzee (60).

Extra Facts:

Best Player: Rob Thompson 79pts (Larry)
Worst Player: Scott Higginbotham -15pts (Wylie)
The best Supersub: None
The worst Supersub: None
Worst Coaching Decision (player left on the bench): Lodeweyk de Jager 63pts warmed the bench while Sam Carter took 24pts (Harry)

The Table:

This weeks Trade Order:

1st – Wylie
2nd – Nabung
3rd – Nelson
4th – Pags
5th – Larry
6th – Crags
7th – Blake
8th – Harry

Matchups Round 3

Finding Chemo V Show me the Ioane
Moves Like Jager V Wylie’s No Names
Most Hope V Something to do with Inagaki
Everybody Loves Larry V Fully Nabuli!


Written by Harrison Dale

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