2019 OG League Trade Night Rd 1

Each week our league is allowed a maximum of 5 trades. We meet every Thursday night to make said trades with a few extra rules. The location is a pub chosen each week by one of the managers on a simple rotation basis.

  1. The 5th Trade will be made on a Friday to counter the fact that some teams are released overnight. Each player has a maximum of an hour to make their pick. The 8th ranked manager must pick before 10am, 7th place before 11am and so on until 1st picks before 5pm.
  2. All player to player trades made before Thursday trade night kicks off will not be counted in these 5 trades, this is to encourage more trades. Player to player trades made from the start of trade night DO count for their pick.
  3. Player to player trades are allowed to include multiple players so long as all positions equal out, that is, a manager must be left with a full legal squad of 23 players.

The first trade pick, in this case Nabung, goes to the 8th ranked manager, then the 7th will pick and so on until the 1st ranked player picks. Unlike the initial draft, trade night is not in a snake draft style. Instead each round we pick from the 8th ranked manager to 1st.

This Week the Trade night order and picks were:

rd 1 trades
Trade picks after Thursday trade night. The 5th pick were made on Friday.

Round 2 Match-ups

(6) Otere is the new Black V Wylie (2)
(8) Burnin’ Bridges V White Linen Hides the Sinning (7)
(5) Call Me Big Papali’i V Coles-Royce (1)
(4) The Great White Hope V Clan Mckenzie (3)

Note the () indicates the players rank.

Written by Harrison Dale

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